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After experiencing the positive and healing impact of her songs as aired on WE TV's  
John Edward Cross Country
Cindy has felt compelled to offer her gift to everyone who would like to capture and commemorate their loved one with their own personalized
 Soul Song.  If you are interested in having a Soul Song written for you and would like more information, please email us  and start the process of commissioning Cindy for your very own Soul Song.  

Cindy Campo’s rich, warm, vibrant voice and honest lyrics communicate a distinctively positive message that resonates with her listeners. Influenced by a wide range of music styles from traditional country to modern day  pop Cindy crafts a soulful, soothing sound all her own.  Cindy’s CD “FLY” takes her audience on a musically emotional journey of life’s ups and downs.  Her voice soars on the title track “Fly” and breaks your heart on “Forever and a Day,” showing her skillful versatility and timelessness.

Cindy is best known for her debut single “Beautiful Soul” written personally for John Edward, later becoming the theme song on the internationally syndicated WE TV show  John Edward Cross Country.  Her Song
Always Blessings Never Losses also created for an episode of the show was inspired by an incredible woman who spoke those very words in describing how she coped with the loss of her son. Cindy will tell you the experience of writing for John Edward Cross Country can be credited as the inspiration for her latest CD release Soul Songs.



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Soul Songs

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Each CD contains a booklet insert giving a descriptive paragraph of how each song was inspired!!

Soul Song’s is a compilation of 7 songs written for families who want to share and honor the memory of a loved one through the gift of music.  In doing so, this talented singer/songwriter shows her sincerity and sensitivity, providing a level of comfort and inspiration by lyrically capturing the essence of each soul.  Take a listen to her featured song for the month of September “Every Once in A While” .  You can also download one of many songs from either her FLY or Soul Song’s CD.

Included in the purchase of the Soul Song’s CD is an insert describing the beautiful soul that inspired each song.  Cindy’s writing offers the listener a unique opportunity to connect with both the artist and loved one.  Her songs and her voice have the ability to transport you to a place of hope while always reminding us that Love never dies. Cindy feels blessed to have received these gifts and is grateful for the chance to share them with you. 

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